Meet Serika!

Serika is an incoming junior at ASMS. She is a black belt in Taekwondo and has worked toward being an assistant instructor. In her downtime she enjoys reading, listening to music, painting, and taking sky pics. She was born in Arizona and moved to Alabama only six years ago. She loves making new friends and creating new bonds! She is so excited to be apart of AEYC and help make changes alongside the rest of the team! Serika believes climate change is a prominent issue in the world right now. It is a reoccurring issue, and the smallest shifts in temperature can lead to greater damages to our world. Climate change not only threatens the health of our planet, but it also endangers the population as food scarcity grows, extreme heat is encountered, economic loss is experienced, etc. Without sufficient food distribution, edible food isn't guaranteed for everyone; which only leads to an increase of poor health, preventing daily tasks to be completed within one's full capacity, which in result leads to a growth in poverty. Serika is a member of Nature Conservation and Sustainability.