Meet Ryan!

Ryan wants to pursue a research career in artificial intelligence and urban science/planning. In his free time he likes to swim, workout, hang out with friends, game, code, and practice photography! He also tends to his collection of plants like Bamboo Trees, Poinsettias, Desert Flowers, and Guiana Chestnuts. His favorite artist is SZA and his favorite song from her is broken clocks. One fun fact about Ryan is that 90% of his wardrobe is either from thrifting or Abercrombie. Ryan believes the number one issue facing humanity right now is poverty. He is most passionate about fighting poverty through STEM and public policy because he says that all things, whether it be climate change or inflation, are tied back to poverty and the human condition. Ryan thinks that through combatting poverty directly through progressive policies, we can address climate change and other socioeconomic problems. This is why Ryan is a member of Environmental Legislation.