Meet Phoebe!

Phoebe is our secretary and she loves to try new things. She play's three sports and is always trying to become better. She play's volleyball, basketball, and soccer and volleyball is her favorite. Her favorite subject is history because she love's learning about culture and religion. She love's to listen to music, go on walks, take pictures, play with her dogs, and read. A fun fact about her is that she has lived in 3 different states: New York, South Carolina, and Alabama. A small part of her wishes she still lived in South Carolina because of the beach. The issue An issue she is most concerned with is global warming, because she used to live in Charleston, South Carolina and in the next century or so, it could be under water. Water expands as it warms so it is only a matter of time. This issue will increase refugees and will cause many more problems. Phoebe She is also very passionate about women's rights and pro-choice. Phoebe is a member of Communicative Publications.