Meet Mekhi!

Mekhi is a junior from Mobile, AL. He is so excited work with the AEYC this year. He loves learning different topics in biology and history and there is a very special place in his heart for environmental science. Some of his hobbies consist of: constantly listening to different types of music (His favorite artists are Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, and Steve Lacy), watching old 80's movies, and thrifting with his friends. In his spare time he likes to go on long strolls along the beach. When he's not procrastinating his homework at school you can usually catch him playing volleyball, soccer, or four square with his friends. He's a huge extrovert and loves to go out and try new things with people. Mekhi is most passionate about the rise of sea surface temperatures threatening communities along the gulf coast. With the development of hurricanes being influenced by sea surface temperatures the rise of these temperatures are worrisome. Especially being that I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast. The immediate threat to human life that we already are beginning to see is very concerning, and he would hope to help address this problem to help reduce the amount of casualties from hurricanes and tropical storm related disasters. Mekhi is a member of Education Outreach.