Meet Alexa!

Alexa is our director of outreach and cleanups and head of the Nature Conservation and Sustainability committee! She is a third year senior at the Alabama School of Math and Science where she is the President of the GreenPeace Club. She is super interested in natural sciences, with a specific passion for environmental science. She hopes to become an environmental research scientist one day! Some of her hobbies include playing music, working out, and thrifting. A fun fact about her is that she plays the guitar in a band. Alexa is most passionate about environmental injustices, locally and internationally. Waste mismanagement has become a global issue, primarily affecting those who are underprivileged and in developing countries. The increasing generation of waste around the world burdens communities that lack the ability to properly manage solid waste pollution. This ultimately leads to ocean contamination, disease transmission, lack of economic development, and various health concerns. Alexa can also tell you about all the different types of recycling labels. (They do not all mean the same thing!)