A Change for Good

Gracie Shepphard

Throughout my community, I have witnessed patches of trash grow thoroughly on a daily basis. It seems with every morning drive I make to school there is a new pile of trash on the side of the road that contains a bag from a fast food restaurant or from the grocery store. As irritating as it is, there is another pollution-related problem; water waste and air pollution. 

As surprising as it is, in 2016 Alabama was rated the 5th most state to have Air Emissions and Water Releases. According to Al.Com, Methanol was the largest chemical released in Alabama and had released more than 11 million pounds, having most come from paper companies. The largest Carcinogen released in Alabama was lead, coming from lead-acid car batteries. 

Of course since then, the numbers have changed and Alabama has evolved into a better maintained place. Alabama is now ranked the 37th state to have the best air and water pollution (according to this article). However, even though Alabama has moved up the charts a bit, Alabama is still severely low in having transcendental air and water quality. What could be done to help the matter at hand? 

Here are some helpful and useful propositions to help the environment and one's community :

1. Instead of using plastic bags, save up and afford a tote bag or an eco-friendly grocery bag.

$1.98 in the bag shown 

2. Instead of wasting trash, try to reuse it in some sort of way 

Here is a link to make paper out of waste 

3. Instead of throwing out old food, look for recipes to reuse them

With this link, you can see ways to make food out of old bananas! 

4. Instead of using plastic water bottles, use eco-friendly water bottles

This is a $12 eco-friendly water bottle you can use

5. Instead of eating out everyday try making your own food 

Here is a link to simple and healthy meals 

6. Instead of throwing away old clothes, donate them 

Here is a list of places in Alabama you can donate clothes to : 

1. Alabama Donation Pickup – DonationTownhttp://donationtown.org › 


2. Alabama Clothing Donation Bins & Drop Of Near 

Youhttps://www.clothedonations.com › alabama 

3. Family Thrift Stores | The Salvation Army of Coastal 

Alabamahttps://salvationarmyalm.org › donate-your-stuf 

4. Huntsville Guide to Thrift Stores & Donation Sites To Get Your 

...https://www.rocketcitymom.com › huntsville-thrift-stores-... 

5. Donate Goods & Services - Family Sunshine 

Centerhttps://familysunshine.org › Get Involved › Ways to Give 

6. Clothes Closet - Christian Women's Job Corpshttps://cwjc.net › donate › clothes-closet

7. Our Thrift Stores - Downtown Rescue 

Missionhttps://www.downtownrescuemission.org › thrift-stores