Meet Shivani!

Shivani is a senior at Auburn High School! When she's not exploring her science and medicine-based interests at school, you can find her binge-watching Netflix or sleeping for excessively long periods of time. She stays involved by managing Key Clubs in midwest Alabama, working on cellular research at Auburn University, competing in Science Olympiad competitions, and creating informational documents for my local UNICEF club. She also has a major obsession for cake - she loves making them, but she savors eating them more! This year, she is looking forward to making difference for her environment, whether that be big or small! She believes waste is a problematic yet solvable issue. Each day, thousands of pounds of trash are created, leading to unhygienic bodies of water, a warmer climate, etc. Educating the Alabamian population about simple changes they can make (drinking without a straw, starting to recycle if they haven’t already, reusing plastic bags, etc.) can make a huge impact in our struggling environment today. Shivani is a member of Educational Outreach!